Jacques Schwarz-Bart displays a muscular tenor sax style, solidly within the post-Coltrane idiom of players such as Charles Lloyd and David Liebman. Much heat and light is also generated by pianist James Hurt. Bassist Johannes Wiedenmuller and drummer Ari Hoenig are the core rhythm section players, although they’re replaced by Masa Kamaguchi and Jimmy Weinstein, respectively, on “The Price to Pay” and “Lament.” Both of these moody trio numbers were recorded in Weinstein’s living room, and as a result have an especially loose, live feel — the sort that Sonny Rollins once conjured at the Village Vanguard in the late ’50s. A third bassist, Francois Moutin, comes on board for an intimate duo treatment of “Blue in Green.” Unusual Latin reinventions of “Invitation” (in 6/4) and Coltrane’s “Impressions” (in 10/8) illustrate Schwarz-Bart’s acute interpretive ability. The tenorman’s original compositions are rewarding, if a bit derivative of a very specific post-Coltrane sound. With time, Schwarz-Bart, aided by superb players such as these, will likely grow into a more original voice.”

David R. Adler, All Music Guide

“Immersion is Jacques’s debut album.”

Produced by Jimmy Weinstein. Executive prod. Jordi Pujol.
Recorded: Feb. 24, 1999 – NYC, except #1 & #4, Dec. 7, 1998. by Michael Brorby. Mixing: Elie Massias. Mastering: Brian Delaney. Cover art & design: Mariano Gil.
Ref: Fresh Sound 057

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Saxophone: Jacques Schwarz-Bart
Piano: James Hurt
Drums: Ari Hoenig & Jimmy Weinstein
Bass: Johannes Weidenmuller, Masa Kamaguchi & François Moutin


1- The Price to Pay (Schwarz-Bart) – 10:58
2- Slow Down Baby (Schwarz-Bart) – 07:04
3- A Kick in the Bone (Schwarz-Bart) – 06:32
4- Lament (Johnson) – 05:00
5- Invitation (Kaper/Webster) – 07:43
6- Impressions (Coltrane) – 08:09
7- Blue in Green (Davis) – 06:10
8- The Price I Thought I’d Pay (Schwarz-Bart) – 09:14