Jacques teaches saxophone techniques, either in individual lessons or in group. JSB also teaches improvisation for all instruments.

Intervallistic concepts, rhythmic feel, intensity curves, playing over the barline,
re harmonization, motivic developement, sound production, and more.

All these themes can be presented either in short master classes of a couple of hours during which Jacques illustrates the different points, with a rhythm section made of students. If there is more time, like an afternoon or even a day or 2, Jacques can really get into a much individual work and have everyone play many times to master the techniques demonstrated.

Jacques finally articulates an introduction to Jazz music, for students of all age. It starts with a 20-30 min performance with a small band (from a duet to a quartet depending on the budget). Following the music, Jacques will explain all the basic principles of jazz music, from song from, hamonies, scales and modes, Rhythmic feel, to being able to distinguish between theme and improvisation. Each aspect is demonstrated musically with the band.

Of course, the whole process is interactive and every question is welcome.

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