Abyss reviews EN

Les Inrockuptibles - Christian Larrède -
"Under the lyrical, passionate and elegant singing of the jazzman, we will evoke the possibility of a mosaic, the dynamics of the kaleidoscope, and the multiplication of identities. "

Blog Critics - Mark Saleski -
"Schwarz-Bart, when referring to his father’s passing, says “Facing my father’s passing was as massive as diving into the unknown and embracing it.” Many of us have been there and have wondered if the creativity would ever resurface. Clearly it has for Jacques Schwarz-Bart, and we’re all the better for it. "

Something Else - S. Victor Aaron - dec. 2009
"Jacques Schwrz-Bart’s Abyss successfully melds modern jazz and soul shapes with the riveting rhythms and spiritual character of the Caribbean and Africa. That’s a very similar recipe that we’ve seen in other ObliqSound releases, and this one gets it done with even less reliance on the latest trends in recording and instrumentation than most of his new labelmates. That might make Abyss the more enjoyable listen in the long run. "