Odyssey reviews EN

All About Jazz - Dan McClenaghan - May 2021
"[...] life affirming joy and a vivacious ebullience of spirit. [...] The music is colorful, danceable, aspirational, off-the-beaten-path and as beautifully exotic as sound can be. "

Jazz'n More - Phil Stöckli - Jan. 2021
"Schwarz-Bart's virtuoso saxophone style reflects his great respect for the jazz and soul/funk tradition and especially for Coltrane. His tone has the same urgency and warmth as that of his idol. [...] Another very musical album from the saxophone colossus from the Caribbean. "

Les Dernières Nouvelles du Jazz - Xavier Prévost - nov. 2020
"Music of crazy energy, diabolical precision, and yet confounding freedom. Surrounded by goldsmiths from both shores (the Caribbean and the American), it propels towards our bewildered ears waves of life and chiseled beauty. "